So now we have (what I hope) is the longest comic of the run. Part of that is because CVRPG IV is the longest single arc of the whole series (641 strips), and condensing all of that down will still lead to a long strip. There was also a number of places where I had to spacing things out properly so that the plotline on Alec's side aligned with the plotline for the other heroes. In short, this was a very complex arc that required making a very long (26,830px) comic.

Despite that, there is a lot that I did remove. Most of the story for side characters like Igor, Shaft, Bucky, and Link were all axed. I also removed everything about the Child of Fate since we never even brought that plot detail up before now so it didn't make sense to go into length about it here. A lot was arranged and changed just to make this single arc work in an internally cohesive way.

I really do like the layout for this one, though. I got playful with the way the rigid panels laid out. I did still put in markers to help readers know where and when Alec was. I used blue for the past (Blue Shift) and red for the future (Red Shift). When in the Darkmoon pocket dimension I used the dark blue (that I also used in CVRPG II's comic) and I used dark red for the Sorceress's pocket dimension. Since I didn't have the grace of logos and plotline markers, this seemed like the best bet.

Now, note, we are done in this time period entirely. While the main arc goes to Island Honeymoon next, we won't touch that at all here. Princess's comment about their honeymoon is all we get as that entire arc is inessential to the main story. Instead we'll jump ahead now to CVRPG 2499...

2022-04-05 12:06:51 
Not gonna lie. When you did Forward to the Past later, I thought that the heroes were gonna somehow accidentally save Alexander and pull him into their new future. I definitely wasn't expecting Raye to be the one to join them at the time. I loved both time travel arcs though
2022-04-05 23:05:28 
Thanks! Yeah, I won't deny there was an early version in my head where, because 2499 took place about 800 years in the future, and then CVRPG IV's future was *also* 800 years in the future, I'd bring Alex on as one of the engineers on the ship. I eventually didn't simply because I didn't really focus much on the "lower deck" crew like I initially thought I might -- just too many characters to wrangle. But, if you want to head cannon Alex onto the ship as a crew member, I'm right there with ya.
2022-04-06 21:27:36 
Kinda crazy in that since reading the comic, I've played Sword of Mana, so now in the playback the backdrops you used from it stand out. (I initially got the Golden Sun ones, but I played that when I was a kid. I should dig that up).

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