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Not much is known about the Bunny. Although many have studied the tales of Darkmoon and the Bunny, few have managed to pull together a cohesive story that explains all there is to really know about the Bunny.

Among what is known is that one day, sometime after Darkmoon was turned into a vampire, the Bunny joined up with Darkmoon. The story goes that, while wandering through the forest, Darkmoon stumbled across the Bunny and the two teamed up, although if the Bunny came along because he wanted to, or simply out of some animal-bond he and the vampire forged is unknown. Certainly the Bunny isn't saying.

The Bunny has been with Darkmoon for some time, much longer than any normal rabbit should have survived (old age being a constant factor with mammalian species). Of course, many people think that the Bunny is simply one of many rabbits and that, every once in a while, a new "Bunny" joins up with Darkmoon. Now, either Darkmoon knows this, or he simply is too dense to pay much attention to it. Historians are split on this fact. Either seems likely.

Whatever the case, the Bunny has remained as Darkmoon's (nearly) constant companion. Not really a familiar, but more of a friend. Wherever Darkmoon goes the Bunny is sure to follow... or be there first. Sometimes, weirdly, both.

Personality Details:

The Bunny is a quiet sort, prone to sitting and watching the goings on of humans (and human-like kind), only taking part in the proceedings when "his" humans need help. Usually, specifically, when Darkmoon is the one in danger.

Why he feels the need to protect Darkmoon is not known, but it can be assumed it's either out of some owner-pet relationship or the mutual respect of colleagues.

Although why the Bunny feels the need to bother with Darkmoon, of all people, is not known.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Preview Poster
Last Appearance: #9: Xenophobic