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Angel is one of the Legion of the servants of God -- although to call him, specifically, God, when you factor in that belief will change over time and that the monotheistic belief is a fair recent development... well, Angel serves the person currently in charge.

Although to say he "serves" Him is a bit of a fallacy. Angel was once an employee of God, but, sometime during his tenure in the Legion, Angel managed to get himself an extended leave of absence -- the kind that doesn't really end, and while he's still on the payroll, he hasn't claimed a check in quite some time. Also, his benefits have been all but revoked.

And he can't really put it on his resume. At least, not when applying for jobs at respectable outfits.

Thankfully, he managed to fall in with a journeying band of heroes to whom "respect" is a fluid term, and is something that certainly doesn't help pay the bills in any physical sense of the term.

Now Angel spends much of his time helping people as a way of making up for past sins... of which he has several (ignoring the the fact that God is mad at him, and what he did for that to happen, Angel is a animal of instincts -- male instincts -- and he does so love to give in to them). Clearing his soul for (hopeful) re-entry into Heaven is his primary goal in life.

Personality Details:

As a one-time servant of God, Angel does feel the need to help those of the "less-fortunate" persuasion. That said, the person Angel most looks out for is himself. Most of his actions and motivations can be described as self-serving. Even helping those in need helps Angel, as it may get him back in with God and the Legion.

When not helping those in need, Angel devotes his life to his... baser needs. He does tend to love the ladies, and for whatever reason they love him back.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Introduction #10: RPG Systems
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2