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Raised as royalty, the next in line to ascend the throne of the Kingdom of the North, Princess was trained in those skills and abilities that would aid her during her ruling years.

But just because she was raised in the ways of royalty, don't think Princess was a "soft" person. She spent time, early on, among the people, learning skills from them, and, most importantly, listening to the needs of her citizens.

She would have made a fine ruler if it wasn't for the pesky fact that her father was a completely incompetent king and really botched the whole "being-in-charge" thing.

While Princess was out of the country (her being a princess, and princesses naturally being a magnet for people looking to kidnap them, Princess had been taken by a dragon and heroes had to come and save her) there was a revolt of the populace (you could say the populace was revolting, but they did occasionally bathe, which was more than you could ask during the time). By the time Princess (with heroes in tow) made it home, the kingdom was no longer a kingdom but a democracy, and Princess had no home to go to.

So she went adventuring with the heroes.

Personality Details:

Princess was trained to be a ruler. Her skills work best around a table, talking about the finer points of diplomacy, negotiating huge tracts of land, etc. Of course, many of those skills have real world applications (haggling over the price of a new cloak is still a form a negotiation), so she is able to put her abilities to good use.

Plus there are the skills she learned from her one-time subjects. Many a back-alley skill has use when you need to get items from a locked room, or off a person, or from a chest when the keys are on the inside.

She was, also, trained to fight, but as a defensive fighter. Many of her most powerful moves come when someone else attacks her, using their own power and momentum against them.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Introduction #10: RPG Systems
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past