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As a figure of Greek mythology, Medusa is famous (infamous maybe) for being an ugly, horrific she-beast. Half-woman, half-snake, the Medusa was so ugly that, were you to stare upon her, you would instantly turn to stone.

Now, of course, any myth is going to get exaggerated over time. Medusa isn't, honestly, that bad a person to look upon. Maybe being half-snake isn't going to get her a lot of guys (some men aren't into serpents), so sure, she could gain a reputation for being hideous.

And sure, staring at her doesn't turn you into stone. It's a magic, something she has to actively turn on and off. It tends to be a wise idea not to meet her gaze, since she could turn you into stone if she wanted.

She is an absolute beast, though. Some women are appreciated for their personalities. Medusa is quite the opposite. There's a reason a hero was willing to chop her head off (she eventually recovered).

Personality Details:

Gorgons (of which Medusa is one) are not charismatic people. Medusa relishes in the pain and suffering of others. She loves to watch the fear build in victims' eyes, watch the dread, the resignation, the willingness to die. And then she turns them to stone, just so she can look upon the frozen face any time she wants.

In combat, aside from her gaze, she also has her snake hair she can use. With a head full of snakes, Medusa can shake the reptiles free. The snakes are independent attackers, and will go after any given target until defeated.

Medusa has also been known to use a sword and shield in combat. As a thousand year-plus-old warrior, Medusa has had plenty of time to perfect her sword skills.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #5: The Villainesses
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV