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The Grim Reaper


Death is not a man. He is not even, technically, alive. Death is the "creature" that people believe takes their souls to the afterlife -- a force personified. He has many forms, although his most well-known is certainly that of the Skeleton in robes (sometimes seen riding a pale horse) as popularized by Western culture.

Would Death have existed if people didn't believe in him? Possibly, although the likelihood is that he would look drastically different, if he had a physical form at all.

He is timeless, beginning without end. He is of all places, of all times. He can be anywhere, any when, witness any death, see any battle, take part in any war.

He also cooks a pretty mean barbeque.

Death's purpose is to collect souls and usher them to wherever they are supposed to go (Heaven, Hell, Asgard, etc.). This task, however, has never kept Death very busy (he's very good at his job). During his idle moments, Death works as a guard for Dracula, using the opportunity to usher new souls to their final destination.

One could wonder why it is that Death works for someone instead of just doing his motivated soul-taking on his own time. Death would respond that he prefers the motivation and oversight as provided from a guided workplace environment.

He also likes the dental plan offered by Dracula.

Personality Details:

Aside from collecting souls, Death is interested in studying mortals. As one of the few true immortals, Death finds the whole concept of mortality to be confusing. Why people can't simply go on existing, as Death does, confounds his whole thought process.

But then he also can't understand why people are unable to see all of time and space at once, and know everything that has happened, is happening, will happen, and could potentially never happen. He accepts this as a weakness of mortals, but it's still not something he truly understands.

When encountered, Death likes to make battles fair. He knows everything that will happen, so it's not as if he couldn't win any fight he chose. He instead focuses on the now, and balances himself out power-wise, shifting his form to something that could, potentially, be defeated.

Not that battling him is supposed to be easy. Just more fair.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Introduction #2: More About Dracula
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV