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The Other Vampire Lord


Vampires are territorial creatures. By agreement (i.e., war, in-fighting, and general bloodshed), the most powerful vampires divided up the realms of Earth into territories to rule. Each vampire sticks to their territories, and unless they're looking to expand (and fully take over another land), there is only ever one Master Vampire in control of specific region.

However, for a time two vampires were in contention to rule the lands of Germany. Count Olrox, Lord of Wismar, claimed the throne of Germany. Dracula, though, was looking to expand his realm (this was in a lull between attacks from vampire hunters, so Dracula has some time on his hands), and set his sights on his neighbor. The only reasonable thing to do was settle this score with blood.

Remember, they're vampires. Everything eventually ends in blood somehow.

The thing is, both sides of the war were evenly matched. Neither side could get a leg up on the other, and repeatedly the skirmishes ended in stalemates. It seemed as if they undead war for the realm would go on forever (and the humans, caught between the two sides, would be exterminated long before the war ever got close to ending).

And then the unexpected happened: vampire hunters went after Count Olrox and defeated him. Without their leader, Olrox's armies crumbled. Dracula was able to walk right in and claim Germany for his own. To rub salt in the wound, Dracula also filed cease and desist orders against Olrox, claiming that Olrox stole Dracula's identity and that he should be barred from claiming the title of Lord of Wismar.

This, it should be noted, was a bold faced lie. Sure, both were Master Vampires with historical ties to the Carpathian Mountains and the kings of Wallachia. And sure, both had tried, at one point, to leave their ancestral homes for foreign lands (Dracula and England, Olrox and the city of Wisborg). And sure, both had a penchant for taking brides among the populace, and later had been chased back to their mountainous homes by vampire hunters because they maybe took one too many brides in too public a setting.

But that's no reason to claim they had the exact same lives. That would be silly, right?

Personality Details:

After discovering the betrayal, Count Olrox was understandably perturbed. Unfortunately, by the ruling of the courts, Olrox had to pay back Dracula damages due to the alleged identity theft. With his realm in the control of his rival, Olrox was left without any means or money. Basically, he had to take a job, and there was only one person willing to hire a (rather ugly) Master Vampire: Dracula.

So, in the end, Olrox had to go work for his rival to pay off a debt unfairly levied against him. To say Olrox is a very bitter employee would be the understatement of the year.

One day he will get his revenge. This is assured. For now he fights back by stealing office supplies and taking extra long smoke breaks.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #2: The Villains Plot and Plan
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV

Olrox (Mirror)

The Other Vampire Lord of Earth 2


Vampire lords come and go. The thing about the dark gifts all vampires get is that some of them get more of the gifts than others. They can build up more power, gain more minions, and that gives them the designation of "Lord" (or "Master" if you're into hanky-panky). These vampire lords battle each other for territory, and often you end up with one vampire lord left standing, one dead, and twice the territory owned. It's a simple arrangement.

Sometimes, though, the two vampire lords face off but they don't end up dead -- one becomes the minion of the other, showing who was the true power in the realm. Such was the case with Olrox a great vampire lord in Germany, who went up against Lord Dracula, lost, and became his lackey.

That would be the end of the story if not for a young vampire named Darkmoon. He was created by Dracula, gained many of the vampire lord's powers and then, when Dracula was defeated, he took over as the new lord of the castle. The thing is, that was a title Olrox wanted. In his thoughts, the title of "lord of the castle" should have been his. He was next in line, damn it.

But Darkmoon stole Dracula's powers, took them, whole-hog, from the dead corpse, preventing that vampire lord from coming back. With all that power he was easily able to crush Olrox. The German vampire was demoted further, made into little more than an errand boy, and the new lord of the castle went on to plot his new empire.

One day, though, Olrox will have his revenge... That, or he'll remain a screw up.

Personality Details:

The Olrox of Earth 2 had as many great plans as his Earth 1 counterpart, was ready to rule the world if not for Dracula. What wasn't expected was Darkmoon, a Darkmon wiling to steal power from every source he could. Olrox knows that in a match up he wouldn't be able to take on Darkmoon, so he has to bide his time. Maybe one day, he think, but not today.

Deep down, really, maybe Olrox just likes being a minion better. It's less stress, and he doesn't have to fight against other vampires on a near-constant basis. There's something to be said for last place.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: Olrox and Zombie are Dead
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2