So It's Your First Time Here

For anyone new to the comic, CVRPG (short for Castlevania RPG) is a long-running parody web-comic. The main series does not take place during the continuity of any particular Castlevania game, instead focusing on other heroes living in the lands of Romania, their adventures, and their interactions with Dracula and the assorted other villains of the land.

If you're looking to read through the archive, start to finish, we might want to start with just a little information. Not to scare you off, but CVRPG has been running for years and it has built up quite an archive. By current counts, it's up over 6000 comics (once you factor in all the side-stories, back-stories, and spin-offs), which could make for quite the lengthy archive binge.

Thankfully, the archive is divided up into easy to digest chunks (often called "Games" on the site, since CVRPG lovingly parodies video games). If you're going to read everything (which isn't required -- you could just stick to the main archive and skip all the extra material), it's probably best if you read the series in the following order:

I know, that's kind of a lot, but you can reference back here at any time to find the next arc to read. Everything has been written in and around itself, so while you're welcome to read in any order you see fit, this is probably the easiest way to read through the continuity, keep up with everything, and not have any twists and turns spoiled.

Or, you know, ignore me and do as you like. As always, no matter how you read: thanks for reading!

- Mike Finkelstein, CVRPG