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The Hero of Time


When one thinks of a hero, many archetypes might come to mind: the reluctant yet willing teenager thrust into an epic quest; the big, buff burly warrior with horns on his helmet and an axe strapped to his back; the lithe, dangerous thief who's always looking for a life of danger -- and to prove that she's better than any man. What you wouldn't expect is a chicken. An undead, skeletal chicken.

That hero, the undead fowl is Bucky, and he's the Hero of Time. Well, really, he's one in a long line of heroes all proclaiming themselves the Hero of Time. Bucky just happens to be the first who's not human (he's only the second to be undead -- but that's a different bio). Bucky started his heroing career just about as you'd expect: he died. After death, he was cast into Hell where he met up with Link, the Hero of Time (owner of the Master Sword, Savior of Hyrule, etc.). Bucky joined up with Link, serving as his familiar, and the two went on to have many adventures together.

But it was when Bucky took ownership of the Master Sword (when Link upgraded to a newer sword) that he become a hero in his own right. He took over the role of Savior of Hyrule, he went on quests, and started working as a freelance hero.

Now Bucky has a career as illustrious as Link's and has truly embodied the title of "The Hero of Time".

Personality Details:

Bucky may be a hero, but he's still an undead chicken. He can't really talk (or, at least, he can't really be understood unless you can speak Hyrulian Chicken). He can understand human languages, though, which does give him a leg up over other birds.

Being an undead also means he has to feed on the flesh of the living. He tends to stick to other animals (not humans, mostly), and has a love for eyes (they're squishy and delicious).

When provoked, Bucky can attack with his sword and shield, his whole bevy of heroing items (arrows, bombs, and everything else Link normally uses), and his claws (he is a chicken, after all). He's a fearsome opponent who's not afraid to fight dirty.

Oh, and as a Hyrulian chicken, he's well-nigh invulnerable. Fearsome.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #322: Of Like Situations
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV