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The Sorceress


Much of the Sorceress's story is bathed in secret, starting simply with her name. Everyone around her, from the lowliest minion to Dracula himself (although Dracula calls her by her title as a sign of respect). Few use her real name, Melinda, and fewer still know the rest of her background.

Although where she came from has been lost to the storytellers, this isn't just a matter of narrative convenience -- even Melinda has forgotten her past, who she was before her change. Many vampires can live to be very, very old, and as the year tick by their ealier memories slowly fade away. Who she was before the change was lost, and the Sorceress now barely resembles the girl that once called herself Melinda.

What can be assessed, though, is than the Sorceress has always had great magical power. It's possible the vampire that embraced her was drawn to Melinda for her devastating magical abilities. Working with her he crafted her magic to feed from her vampiric powers, greatly boosting what she was capable of.

This is what eventually brought Dracula to her, looking for assistance with a simple problem: how to attain true immortality. While Dracula (and many of his minions) were capable of coming back from the dead over time, the ability to simply never die had not yet been discovered It was hoped that with Melinda's help the problem could be solved.

As of yet she has not cracked the matter, but she expected to have the problem solved soon enough...

Personality Details:

As a powerful mage, the Sorceress's primary skills are all magic-related. From alchemy to scrying, the Sorceress relys on her magic for all her day-to-day needs.

Of course, in combat her magic makes her a force to be reconned with. As a near-iimmortal vampire the Sorceress has spent her many, many years on the planet learning all she can, mastering the six affinities of magic, and she uses all of them on the field. Although she is weak to Light (as are all vampires) she can cast it as effectively as any other magic tupe, giving her an edge over most other magic-users.

And since she's a vampire she has all the vampiric tricks at her disposal as well, from vampire charms to shape-shifting. She does have their weaknesses though, paricularly sunlight and holy items. Still, there is no doubt the Sorceress is not a foe to take on lightly.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #563: After-Battle Wrap-Up
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV