#894: A Quick Segue

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It's weird to have them warp back into the townsquare when they weren't anywhere near it in the previous comic. It's only strange because Angel seemed to warp them to the same spot between worlds before. I guess he could warp them anywhere he wants (and we'll argue that), but it's not consistent with the first cross-universe jump they made.

What I like best about this comic is that Darkmoon had to ask if they put Shaft in charge. He knew it was a stupid idea, but it wasn't beyond his ability to make stupid decisions.

For our first time readers making their way through the archive, the main story is going to continue ahead with CVRPG Gaiden. Before we get into that, though, might we recommend you heading over to the Bonus Archive and checking out a few side stories. Some will, eventually, have bearing on the main story while others are a fun asides taking ideas from the main story for comedic effect:

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And after reading all of those, you're ready to dive into Castlevania RPG Gaiden, coming up next...

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