#2340: Let's Vacation

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So, yes, I'm retiring Alec and Princess. Well and truly. For them, it felt like either I had to retire them or I'd eventually have to kill one of them off (for real this time). They'd reached what felt like a natural point in their arcs, one where they were done with what they needed to do. They were no longer flawed characters but true heroes.

It was time. But hopefully this arc gave them their last hurrah!
2015-02-06 02:48:00 
I think my eye got a little misty and tingly.
2015-02-06 04:45:47 
R-Retired? I think I need to let loose some manly pride... I loved seeing these characters grow into what they are. I'm going to miss them, from anime styled comic beginnings to honeymooning end. Fare thee well, heroes.
2015-02-06 06:41:35 
Who will be the mayor of Veros now?
2015-02-06 07:05:46 
That "Although" at the bottom right disturbs me for some reason...
2015-02-07 08:27:20 
I think I like the implication that they can't REALLY leave the adventurer life behind. Like, they're gone from the team, but if a world needs saving and there the ones around; it's happy couple to the rescue.
2015-02-07 15:04:06 
Man, I hate seeing them retire after growing up so much... This comic is going to be a lot different without them being in the main team :/
2015-02-07 17:50:07 
I... Don't like it. Sorry,but it just seems way too sudden and anticlimactic, for my tastes. Maybe if there had been implications throughout the arc that Alec and Princess were looking to retire and settle down, but as it stands, it feels that it comes out of left field, and is too short for a proper farewell.
Mike Finkelstein
2015-02-07 23:31:55 
Not actually. Comic 2074, Alec specifically states they will be retiring. This whole arc (nearly 300 comics) was their last hurrah. ;)
2015-02-11 00:51:10 
Ah, so they do. I must've forgotten in the 300 comics since then.Right before Katrina announces she's pregnant.

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