#15: So About That Quest

This Comic's Storylines:

This comic changed a fair bit from the original to the current copy. Most obviously is that the final panel is almost entirely changed.
Originally, the comic ended with an 8-bit Theater joke. I felt, going through a second time, that riffing on another comic (especially so early in the series) was entirely unecessary and didn't help to give the comic it's own feel.
So, instead, I changed it to Link. By this point in the CVRPG career, Link had become a larger part of the story anyway, so having him here felt fitting.
I like the other cameos in the bottom panel, like Richter and Cornell. TO note, they are so far outside of their own era in time it's not even funny. And yet they just keep crossing over into this series. I do have a bit of affection for the two of them.
Oh, and note: in the fourth panel, Alec has apparently disappeared. Ooops.

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