#158: Of Exhiles and Ransoms

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LINK! I finally brought back Link, back to the cheers of all involved. I don't think anyone honestly expected Link to return, and especially not like this, but I kept saying he was coming back.
I'm a bastard, though. I had planned on this whole plotline from the minute I seperated him from the Other Heroes many, many moons ago. This is what caerful planning in my mind will do, and why it's so necessary that no one lets me do it. Otherwise, I fuck around with everyone as much as I can. Improv is better.
As for the rest of the comic (which I'm sure all the Link fans could care less about), Princess shucks off her ties to her former life and sets off for newer pastures... or at least to go hang out with her friends away from the stupid kingdom.
I need to do more with Princess and her growth as a hero, but I have other plotlines I have to focus on first. I know I tied it up, but it could eventually get more resolution.

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