#130: That Damn Tower

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Alec's running monologue amuses me, but I'm glad i didn't leave him on his own for very long. Having one character talk, constantly, is damn boring to write. Interplay is key.
I think this was the comic where I revealed that Link was dead. I had a lot of people email me constatly to "bring Link back." "We want more Link," was a common enough message. So I killed him. Bwahahaha.
Of course, after that, I got a lot of emails that "killing Link wasn't fair." Well... yeah, but it was damn funny.
2014-02-06 15:53:31 
Moldorm isn't that hard... just hit the weird looking part.
2015-10-13 06:40:01 
so link tried to fight the boss, over and over and over again until he ...just starved to death... fair enough.

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