#161: A Moment for Growth

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For starters, the top panel is based upon the fact that Alec can't get the Power Glove since Link hs it. It would be in that dungeon he was just in, but it's not. Why Alec didn't take when he was rooting through all of Link's stuff, I dunno. Maybe it didn't blend with his outfit.
I think his soultion is pretty slick though. I don't remember where I got that summon, sadly.
As for the bottom, yes, Princess is a little horndog. Everyone asked why she acted like that. They said it seemed out of character, but I never figured it did. She seems like she has sex on the brain a lot, but doesn't act upon it as much as she could cause she was brought up to be a proper lady.
Of course, if she wanted to remain a proper lady, she should have gone off with a more upstanding group.

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