#181: The Climactic Return

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For the record, all good jewish mothers want thier sons to be lawyers or doctors... so bloodsucking fiends or guys with god-complexes.
Behold the photoshop effects. Makes for pretty spells. Oooooh.
Sindra came in with the assist here with that panel of the kiss. It's in the Downloads section if you want to use it as a wallpaper. I will point out that she drew Katrina without a hat, so I had to do likewise post panel. It's the little details that matter.
Gotta love the Devil explaining to Link the Hokey Pokey. The things I make my characters do... Oh, and as if I would let Darkmoon escape his mother that easily.
Oh, and this end this portion of the commentaries... although technically I'm a plotline behind, so I'll have to do more soon just to catch up. Sucks.

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