The (More Than) Complete Cast of CVRPG

Heroes, Villains, Low-lives, and Agents of Leisure




Years ago in New York City, a boy carried a bowl of turtles out of a pet shop. There was an accident, the turtles were knocked out of his hands, the turtles went down into the sewers, and they ended up covered in mutagen. They got smart, they got big, and they learned ninjitsu (from their master, a humanoid rat named Splinter). They became the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (trademarked), and they took on the role of defenders of their city.

Through their training, it became apparent that Leonardo, the turtle with a penchant for blue, was the natural leader. Strong and commanding. Leo took over the team, turning the four brothers into an effective fighting force. But it was through his wisdom, his bravery, that the turtles were able to take on the worst threats that the universe could throw at them. From ninjas to ghosts, alien brains to mutant warriors, the turtles battled them all and saved the world more times than they could count.

And they did it all for the pizza. Man, these guys really love pizza.

Personality Details:

Leonardo is the leader of the team. He's cool and collected in a fight, and he's learned to make quick decisions in the heat of battle. But that's just how he is on the battlefield. At home he's the quiet one, often meditating with Splinter, practicing his ninjitsu.

In his free time, when not practicing, Leo does have a soft spot for old sci-fi. Star Trek, Battlestar, Voltron -- he can't get enough of them. He's watch every episode of every show he could find, repeatedly. He can say the lines by heart (and sometimes uses them as mantras when he has to find inner peace). Everyone needs a way to refocus and blow off steam.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #13: Let's Kick Shell
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2


The Hero of Legend


Many generations ago (depending on who you ask), there was a time of darkness in the land of Hyrule. An evil thief, Ganondorf, wanted a great power for himself -- the Golden Power. Fueled by three power relics, the Triforces, this Golden Power would give Ganondorf the ability to remake the world as he saw fit.

Like a jerk, he made into a world and darkness and nightmares. That one move just begged for a hero to come along and save the day. That hero was Link.

Well, a Link, anyway. Throughout the generations, the Knights of Hyrule protected the lands. Usually, whenever a great evil would come along, the great hero (a decedent of the Knights of Hyrule) named Link would just randomly appear. He'd get himself the Master Sword (another power relic), fight his way through a series of dungeons, and save the day.

In the end, Ganon (having wisely ditched the "dorf", which was only holding back his cool factor) was always defeated, and Link went on to live a life of peace and happiness.

Well, at least until some new evil came along. Or boredom set in. That often happens, too.

Personality Details:

Our Link, being one of the multitudes of Links out there throughout the centuries, has had many adventures. This has lead him to realize that all of life is an adventure, and there's always a hero for an adventure -- so why bother being the hero? Someone else will always come along. Besides, a while back Link accidentally ended up a zombie, and he's got a long un-life to plan for. He'd much rather make money and retire in style then have to save the world every other week.

If confronted, Link can use his bag of weapons and items to fight off any attackers. He has an uncanny ability to carry untold items, and will fend off any attack not just with his sword and shield, but with boomerangs, arrows, bombs, fire rods, ice rods, quake spells, hook shots, ocarinas (so effective in combat), and nuts... among various items he usually carries in his bag.

Plus, as a zombie, there's always the chance he'll just eat your face. You never know.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: CVRPG Introduction #4: Family History
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV

Lucca Ashtear


Like her friend Crono, Lucaa never expected to be a hero. Heck, she never expected to leave her home country, Guardia. She was an inventor by trade, and most of her time was spent in her lab, working on various gadgets -- she took after her father in this regard, although she was far better are the craft than her parent ever was.

It wasn't until the kingdom's Millenial Fair, though, that Lucca really paid attention to the whole world outside her town. It was a fateful event at the fair, at a time when Lucca was simply showing off her latest invention, a teleporter, that everything snapped into focus. All it took was a girl disappearing into her machine.

While Crono went off the find the girl, Lucca worked on her invention, trying to discover what happened. A rift had opened because of her machine, and she had to find a way to fix it. And she did, studying the after-effect of the portal, tapping into it's enegery to create a way to travel the time-stream.

She did this, bear in mind, never having seen a time portal before. Lucca is pretty amazing.

But even after traveling through time to resuce both Crono and the girl (because Lucaa has to do everything, apparently), there was still the matter of the end of the world. Wait? The world was ending? Oh yes, it would eventually, all because of a parasite living in the center of the planet, one that would break free 1300 years after her own time and kill all of humanity.

While other would have curled up and hid, or simply figured "that was in the future -- it was someone else's problem," Lucca and her friends took it upon themselves to find out when the evil alient parasite crashed into the world and stop it. This was their world, and they were going to save it no matter what.

All because of an invention at a fair.

Personality Details:

Lucca is an inventer by trade, but don't just call her a Tinker -- she more than tinkers. She breaks through the bounds of conventional science, finding the deeper truth, the relity of the universe others can't. She doesn't just tinker, she discovers.

Because of her skill with machines, Lucca developed a very active, very powerful mind. This translates into a deep, powerful ability to use magic. He natural gifts with fire give you control over the Fire Element, a powerful force she can use to burn her foes (or just melt to plates of metal together when she's in her lab).

As a scientist and a mage, though, Lucca is much less proficient with physical combat. While she can a decent hit (better than some Wizards can), she's not very good at dishing out the pain. She's much happier hanging back, using her pistols, and then casting magic.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #31: Elsewhere or Darkmoon Stalls for Time
Last Appearance: #2: CVRPG