DSWC Villains Introduction #5: The Villainesses
Carmilla, as mentioned, is the third of Dracula's primary lieutenants. She has worked to resurrect the dark lord on several occasions, using her skills in the dark arts to perform the Black Mass rituals required to raise the demon king early from his grave.

She also has a bad-ass mask, which you can see a mini-version of it in her right hand.

Medusa has shown up in the series almost as many times as Death. Usually she has the ability to temporarily stone people, which is less fun that getting stoned. Totally different.

Actrise is more of a bit-player, an also ran from a couple of games. She's a vampire/witch who can create and attack with giant crystals. Really not the most impressive skill.

Succubus has been featured prominently as of late. Probably this is because the fans like her. The fans like her because she wanders around in a crotchless, topless corset without any undergarments on. It's so easy to buy off male fans.

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