#1222: First Strike?

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And here we tie everything back together by having the heroes return home. In their newly (re)discovered airship, no less.

Of course, now that I've given them an airship, I'm going to have to find ways to make sure they don't use it too often -- it's one thing to give heroes a powerful item, but making sure it doesn't unbalance the game is something else altogether.

This is something I've realized about one of my favorite games, Chrono Trigger (although not about airships). I love that game dearly, but the end game section kind of falls apart due to a lack of difficulty. Once you play through one of the end-game side quests you can earn a very powerful sword for the main character (the Rainbow) and a powerful item that buffs his attack (the Rainbow Specs). You put those two together, and he can do twice the attack damage of any other character.

On its own that wouldn't be a big deal, maybe, but there's an attack, the Falcon Hit, that can take out most enemies in a single pass. It's powerful enough to do massive damage even against bosses, so most of the time it's the only attack I use.

This comes in to play most in the final dungeon and last boss. That Falcon Hit chews through everything, rendering what should be a gauntlet into little more than a walk through a park (with a occasional item use to replenish magic). Balance is important, but the Rainbow items ruin Chrono Trigger's balance.

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