#237: Identity Theft

This Comic's Storylines:

The thing to remember is that Olrox, the Castlevania character, is likely based on Count Orlock, the villain from Nosferatu.
Nosferatu, the movie (as opposed to the remake... which was also a movie... shut up), was about an evil vampire who's looking to move away from his castle out into the city. He hires a lawyer to come and help him settle his estates and arrange is living arrangements out in the city. In the process, Orlock just so happens to eat his lawyer, and then makes his way to the city where he then falls in love with the lawyer's lover, works to turn her, yada yada.
Yeah, it's Bram Stoker's Dracula with German accents (as opposed to Irish, British, or Romanian accents). Bram Stoker sued the movie creators, and got the rights to Nosferatu. This is what I'm referencing in the comic.

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