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To say that we're talking about a single mummy here -- the entombed remains of an egyptian pharaoh reanimated -- would be a bit of an error. There are several mummies who reside throughout the halls of Dracula's castle:

  • Akmodan I, king of a unified Egypt and the originator of a long dynasty.
  • Akmodan II, son of Akmodan I. Considered to be an even stronger ruler than his father. Increased Egypt's territory drastically, making the country an empire to be feared.
  • Akmodan III, also known as Akmodan the Intolerant. Pushed the border of Egypt too far, into lands he couldn't easily control. The empire his father, Akmodan II, had built crumbled.
  • Akmodan IV, also known as Akmodan the Callow. Took the throne when he was very young, and was little more than a shy, fearful puppet to the clergy.

The list goes on. For whatever reason, this dynasty of pharaohs all had a penchant for coming back from the dead sometime after their mummification process. Maybe it was magic in the blood, potentially some mythical species who had taken human form and mated with one of the pharaohs - mythical creatures are randy beasts.

Whatever the case, no one has really had a chance to study these mummies up close -- mostly because they keep trying to eat the researchers' faces.

Personality Details:

The Mummy we all know and love (presumably Akmodan XIII, but who can really tell when they all look the same) is a pretty mellow dude. He only really gets angry when he's hungry... and it really isn't even anger, just the uncontrollable need to feed (a horrific case of the munchies, if you will). Of course, lacking a stomach, the Mummy is always hungry (and not, as one would naturally assume, never hungry). So it's always best to give him a wide berth.

If confronted, the Mummy will lunge at any attackers (or non-attackers, or anything that vaguely looks like it might move) in an attempt to eat it. The flesh of the living is what he craves, but he's very up-front about it.

If he can't sink his teeth into a would-be target, the Mummy will strike with flying bandages and poison dust. He's very good about using what he naturally has at his disposal, which is (by and large) bits of himself.

Attempts to communicate with the Mummy are largely ineffectual. It's not that the Mummy can't understand you -- he totally can. But, he has no tongue (cut out during the mummification process) and can only communicate through groans. More common languages, such as English, French, Spanish, or Esperanto, are beyond his abilities.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #2: The Villains Plot and Plan
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2