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Archangel and (Former) Goddess


Once, when the universe was forming (getting all it's primordial dust and ooze all up in the Big Bang's shit), the Gods were just ideas. Figments of figments, potential to become something potentially. Then the Big Band happened, reality formed and (depending on your view of time and space) the world quickly formed. Life happened, cells at first and then eventually animals. And through it all the gods watched.

Depending on the animals that "ruled" the planet, the gods were different things. The single-cell organisms, they were a shadowy presence floating just to the side of the go. For the dinosaurs, the gods were great hulking beasts, feeding on the world as if they owned it (since they kind of did).

And then humans came along, made the gods into their own image (despite attributing it the other way around). The humans invented religion, organized philosophies that described the world, and in doing so they defined their gods, gave them true shape and form, locked them in.

But the gods could still change. Once, pantheons of gods were the norm, so the various gods all had equal billing, shared duties. Over time, monotheism took ahold of a greater share of the populace, so one god was promoted (to God) and others naturally morphed into other forms.

And thus we get to Damaris, once one of the mightest of the goddesses, and then demoted to archangel. Still a plum position, to be sure, but not something she was too happy about.

Personality Details:

Although Damaris still wields a fair bit of power (angels aren't powerless), she's not the high ruler of all existence. No, her plans, one way or another, are the eventually take over the universe and rule it again, all the other gods and angels and devils be damned.

Let's all be thankful that, so far, this power-mad angel hasn't succeeded. If she did, who knows what it would do to the universe.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #102: A Religious Experience
Last Appearance: #1215: Back with the Potion