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The Devil


Much like another Angel is our series, Sindra started out as an angel riding the grey line between good an evil. Long before humans walk the Earth, Sindra was roaming around, setting fire to whatever she could and basically mucking about with Creation because, well, there wasn't much else to do. Over time, though, she created one to many apocalypses, and God eventually decided to kick her out of Heaven. It was for her own good.

Essentially, Sindra was to walk the Earth, to find a way to be a better person and redeem herself before she'd be allowed back into Heaven. Instead, she met up with Angel (the worst of the angels), and fell even further out of God's good graces. The Devil eventually offered her a job, she had a falling out with Angel (who was still trying to not be absolutely terrible... and failing), and the two went their separate ways.

Centuries later, Sindra met with a different "hero", and undead warrior of time named Link. Link was on the run from Hell (after dying, and then escaping, something the Devil doesn't much like... the escaping, that is), and Sindra was supposed to catch him. However, Link bested the angel, killing her and sending her back to Hell. Out of favor with the Devil, Sindra was desperate to regain her lost powers (since being dead leaves one in a fairly depowered state), so she hatched a new plan: she'd steal the Devil's powers instead.

And, surprise, it worked. Now Sindra is working to be the best Devil the world has ever seen, and that means actually making herself a better person. In the end God was right: Sindra had it in her to be good again, and all she had to to was become the most evil thing in the universe to do it.

Personality Details:

As a fallen angel, Sindra doesn't really sweat the details. The ends justify the means is one of those mottoes she whole-heartedly agrees with. If more peaople are saved by some action than the ones that die along the way, it's a win in Sindra's play book. it does help that most of the people that die are going to end up in her domain anyway (Hell), so why worry about the specifics.

Besides, Hell does suit her. She really likes fire, and Hell has almost nothing but. it's like a match made in... well, you know where.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #157: Make it a Strong One
Last Appearance: #5: CVRPG III