#131: The Quiet Man

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I work in yet another Swirly Boss joke. One more before I let that beaten horse off to pasture... Although, isn't the horse you beat supposed to be dead? So putting it out to pasture would just draw flies... Oh well.
If you think about it, with D being the way that he is, it should be obvious that they only keep him around for the Bunny. Well, that, and the likely fact that he can keep them alive on just about any amount of money. Penny pinching is great for longterm survival without splurging.
For those that didn't play Chrono Trigger, and who haven't read previous commentaries before, since I may or may not have touched on this in a prior section seomwhere, Crono doesn't talk in the game. At least, not with speech bubbles/text blocks. He just emotes. FYI.

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