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While many of the heroes in our series have worked for years to be the best heroes they can, learning to fight, learning to cast magic, all so they can go on grand quests and fight the big bads, Crono just kind of stumbled into it. Sure, he learned to use a sword, but that's just because there are monsters in the woods and if you aren't armed you asking to be killed. But he wasn't ever intending to be a hero.

That all changed when he met a girl. Collided with her, really. Then his whole world changed. Suddenly he was going on adventures, like saving said girl -- a cute blond, no less -- from a portal into another era. That one was quite a shock.

And of course there was his quest to save the world. He was just chased into a portal (and you didn't hear one complaint from him either, such a good lad) and suddenly the world has ended. With a little goading from his friends he's having to find, and face down, a planet eating parasite that landed back in the prehistoric era. He's fighting wizards, destroying undersea palaces, and causing political revolts left and right.

Oh, and there was that one time he died. That was a bit of a life changing moment, that's for sure.

All because of some girl he met at a faire. Suggestion: next time try online dating instead. Relatively speaking, it's much, much safer.

Personality Details:

The most important detail about Crono is that he doesn't talk. Ever. Occasionally he pantomimes. A lot of the time he motions or waves. Regularly he fist pumps (and not in a masturbatory way). He just doesn't talk.

Why? Well, no one is really sure. Some thing it might be a vow of silence, like monks would take as a sign of devotion. Others think he may have lost his tongue, that his cat (literally) stole it one day (which would explain why his mother is always complaining that he never takes care of his pets).

Whatever his reason, he's has handy with his sword as he is silent with his words. So who cares if he doesn't talk? What's important is having him on your side.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #121 1/2: Scene From a Pizzeria
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2