#120: Manga Mode Boss Battle

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Achievement Unlocked!

Hehehe, of course, having seen the first Manga Mode, you should have known that the end of the comic wasn't gonna really be in line with the Manga art. Tis the joke.
The game they are playing is Dungeons and Dragons. I got questions about that. As a gamer, I thought it was pretty obvious... but I guess not.
Mab was actually kinda peeved about this comic. She's supposed to now not have to do entire comics, but lets face it, this is practically all her, not a single panel or two affair. But it turned out great, so she really shouldn't complain too much.
Oh, and if you couldn't tell by the top, this was ready in time for St. Particks Day. I woulda done a supplemtnal otherwise, but Mabby had it all set, and I really didn't have a good supps idea.

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