#122: Traditional Pre-fight Doughnut

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Ah, cowardice. Gotta love it. I think maybe in Darkmoon's head everything will eventually just work out without the need for fighting (which leads to pain, and D isn't much for pain).
The quote from Angel is from TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze. Classic flick, although not as good as the first one. This is only exacerbated by a gratuitous cameo by Vanilla Ice. I'm sure that was a high point of his career. "I got to sing Ninja Rap." O_o
Oh, and I'd just gotten a Devil sprite. I'm a whore for using every frame I can as soon as I can.
2015-10-13 06:32:10 
pre-fight doughnuts, i guess those only work with mutated creatures, not people who got their powers after consuming a demon and getting death's respect.

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