#96: Chicks Dig the Pretty Guys

This Comic's Storylines:

I honestly, until this comic, hadn't noticed that both girls were blond. It shows what I focus on with the comic. Layout, writing, minimal color work, and the logos. That whole art thing is for the artists, which I apparently am not one of.
This is a big family reunion, if you hadn't caught on. I thought it was amusing, having established a "familial" bond between D'moon and Drac to then throw Al in and show the whole dynamic.
Plus, it's really fun making Alec uncomfortable.
Sadly, I use one of my classic riffs, the "I'm so tortured" line with Alucard. It's an amusing joke, showing how he gets his chicks by putting on the emo, but... I've used it a couple of times on the site before. It's a tired line.
That's one of the reasons why Alucard hasn't been a major, recurring side-character.

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