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Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes


What would it be like to be the child of a celebrity? For many children of stars, the assumption is that life would be one sweet ride of presents, money, and love, that the world would open its doors for you and you could have anything you want. Presumably this isn't the case for most children of the famous and well off. While, certainly, they can have most anything they want, most famous children seem to end up miserable, wasting their lives (and their family's money) just because they can.

So then, how much worse would it be if your father was the most hated, evil dictator the world had ever seen (at least until Hitler came along)? Alucard, son of the Dark Prince, Dracula, has been fighting his father's dark and musty shadow for centuries, trying, even valiantly, to forge his own life away from the hellbeasts and mutant monstrosities that are a hallmark for Dracula's reign of terror.

Life wasn't all bad for Alucard. At the start, his father and mother, Lisa, were happy. But Lisa was in love with a vampire, and townspeople don't like vampires (how closed-minded of them), so they burned Lisa at the stake as a witch, and that set off Dracula onto a path of darkness (even more dark than his already pretty dark path that he was on because he was Dracula, the evil vampire lord of Romania... so, you know, really dark). Dracula went hardcore, human-hating evil, but Alucard (ever the son in his mother's eye) followed a better path, the path of righteousness.

And so, when a heroine, Sonia Belmont, came to Dracula's castle to defeat the Dark Prince, Alucard did not stand against her. Knowing that Dracula had to be stopped (because, you know, duh), Alucard helped Sonia. And by "helped" we mean that he trained her in the ways of fighting evil (and by "trained her" we mean he totally slept with her). Dracula was defeated, and the forces of good triumphed (and walked away sated, aw yeah).

Dracula, however, wasn't in the mood to hear from his preachy, whiny son about how "good should triumph" and "the humans aren't really so bad, if you ignore the pitchforks and the torches and the fact that they killed mother". When the Dark Prince came back from the dead (thirty years or less or you next resurrection is free), he has Alucard mentally enslaved in his castle -- Alucard was forced to fight the heroes that came to Castle Dracula. But, Dracula was more optimistic of Alucard's might than he should have been, for when Alucard fought another Belmont, Trevor, Alucard came to his senses and lent his hand in another rousing defeat of the Dark Prince.

And on it went down through the decades. Any time Dracula came back too successfully (sometimes it was for a few minutes, other times for a few days, and once he was able to come back for the entire run of a World's Fair), Alucard would come out of hiding to give Dracula a right proper drubbing (plenty of ass kicking, but no groin shots and no mussing up the face). Dracula still loved his son, but damn if the boy wasn't putting a crimp in his "global terror" plans.

Personality Details:

In encounters with Dracula's estranged son, most people come away noting how gruff and subdued the man is. Alucard is not much for caring and sharing, instead choosing to ignore all but the quest at hand. He knows what has to be done, and damn anything that gets in his way.

Well, unless it's a busty blond. In the case of a cute, leggy, fair-haired female, Alucard will totally play up his "I'm a lost, tortured soul" routine. The blond girls really seem to eat that shit up for some reason.

Most of the time, though, Alucard keeps to himself (sometimes in a graveyard, sleeping the less-than-eternal sleep). He always lurks, awaiting the day when the Earth (and some pretty blond) will need his assistance again.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #5: The Heroes
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2