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Captain of the Sylph


Unlike the heroes we've come to know through the many years of adventuring, Sprockets hails from the future (which is really her present, and ours since we're reading adventures in the future, which really makes our heroes from the past, and thus it's all present when you're talking time travel and my head hurts). As a being of the far-flung future, there are many things she takes for granted that seems strange to us. Space flight is one thing, something our Earth-bound heroes never even thought to look into. And yet Sprockets make her life among the stars.

Although many would consider her a pirate of sorts, stealing parts from wrecks and waste of the cosmos, Sprockets prefers the term "freelancer" (or, at the very least, "scavenger"). By her reasoning the stuff was just going to waste among the stars so she may as well claim it and put it to good use. Making her money. Because she fixes most of it. And resells it. For a tidy profit.

Of course, many private entities (and the main galactic government) tried to recruit her for her skills (and her amazing skip, the Sylph, which is powered by the self-repairing, fully-conscious A.I., Gertie), but Sprockets has remains steadfast in her desire to be free among the stars. A lone wolf living and working and playing in the vast cosmos.

At least until she met our heroes and was stuck ferrying their dumb asses around. Yet another promising young adventurer brought into the weird, wild fold of our bungling do-gooders.

Personality Details

Sprockets loves to work on tech. She's a gearhead and could spend her days learning about new technology, figuring out how it works... and then building it onto her ship to make it better. That's how she gathered the parts to build the Sylph, how she came up with the nano-technology that powers it, and how she devised Gertie to run everything.

Magic, though... that's something else altogether. As a girl of science, Sprockets is still trying to wrap her head around the power (and consequences) of magic and what it really means about the cosmos. For now she's wary, just hoping that magic doesn't explode and kill everyone.

Which it totally could.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #2500: Is it Special? It Might be Special
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2