#2500: Is it Special? It Might be Special

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So, let's get this out of the way: Firstly: Happy Super Special 2500.

Secondly, that's all the celebrating we're doing. I don't really see us doing any major milestone comics for a while. The constraints of this new "issue" format for the comics doesn't really lend itself to the weird, meandering sagas I used to do for the celebration milestones.

Plus, let's be honest, after the giant sized This is 2000, it would be hard to come up with anything that tops that. Maybe, if the cards work out right, I can do an "Annual" issue for Comic 3000 and just make one entire issue devoted to a single strip number. We shall see...

Anyway, the new character you see up there is Captain Sprockets. She'll get introduced eventually. Not sure when, exactly, but eventually. If you were wondering, at one point she was the intended lycanthrope character I said I was going to introduce 10 years ago -- I had this space epic in mind all the way back then, and I wanted to intro the lycanthrope now.

But then ten years went past, and I came up with different ideas. Some form of the captain you see above stuck around until finally we come to now, and we have her. She's in no way related to my original idea, but that's what happens with these kinds of projects. Ideas creep.

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