CVRPG Introduction #10: RPG Systems

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Lest you think I'm simply being pervy, I knew a guy that did that once. If his girl (a thief) was ever hit the likelyhood was that she would take a ton of damage. On the flip side, she was barely ever hit as she was completely unencumbered. He made arguments (and succedded time and again), that having absolutely nothing on the character should actually give her a speed bonus.
Of course, the fact that he made sure to point out that she was a buxom busty blond... well, that part was pretty pervy.
Come to think of it, he's also the guy that made a female "knight" with glass steel armor (armor made of glass magically enchanted to give the glass the strength of steel)... and then adventured around wearing just the armor and nothing else. I'm starting to sense a trend.
You know, that would really chafe.

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