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Justine Prelude

Rear Admiral (Two Star)


Growing up in a family of heroes can be difficult. In TV and movies we all see the stories of sons and daughters raised in families of cops and firemen and soldiers, ready to take up the family tradition and continue fighting the good fight, whatever that may be. Those who prove great at the family career are lauded, while those who can't keep up are often considered the black sheep. It puts pressure on children, doubly so when the mission is so important.

Consider, then the kinds of pressures that mat have been put on Justine growing up. The expectation for her were huge, growing up as the latest in a family that stretched back generations upon generations, over 800 years. She was taught, from an early age, that the monsters and demons of stories were real, that it was the family's sworn duty to fight them and to aid those who would do the same. And, above all, she was to keep a vigilant eye out for Dracula and a band of heroes that would one day arrive to vanquish the foul demon once again.

Of course, these were just stories told by her grandmother. Although everyone in her family became military folks, finding jobs across the galaxy, protecting the citizens of the various planets, no one really thought the demons and devils were real.

But then she never expected to actually meet the band of heroes chasing after Dracula. And yet, when she finally did, she knew just what to do... Try to get them as far away from civilized planets as possible, lest they screw everything up.

Personality Details:

In many ways Justine is a lot like her many-times-repeated-great-grandmother -- strong of will and loaded with courage. Justine is a commanding leader, one who has quickly worked her way up the ranks of the Terran Intergalactic Government. In the back of her mind she remembered the stories of Dracula and, when it came time to choose her command (having the pick of any where she wanted to go) she chose the back-water planet, Earth. The solar system was hers to command and protect, and like Princess before her (defending her town while everyone else bumbled around her), Justine took control of her troops and ran the most effective Earth system she could.

Just a pity those damn heroes had to show up, right?

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #2461: Meeting with the Admiral
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2