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Jennifer Baldwin



Although in recent years magic users have become an accepted profession, this was not always the case. For Jennifer Baldwin, growing up in the era that she did, her magic powers were fear, not appreciated, and she learned from an early age she had to keep her abilities under wraps lest her secret came out. She couldn't trust her friends and family for who among them knew how to handle powers like she had. Many considered magic to be a sin, and with the level of ability she knew she had many would consider Jennifer to be nothing less than a consort of the Devil.

Whether male or female, the Devil is certainly not someone you want a neighbor consorting with. Many a poor, sad girl ended up branded a witch and put to death for being a consort of the Devil (this despite the fact that the Devil had rather particular tastes when it comes to who she consorts with).

So Jennifer kept her secret for years, practicing her magic when others weren't around (she had to practice and use it otherwise the arcane energy would leak out in unexpected, and terrible, ways). Despite her fears, she did eventually try to talk to her friend, Cassandra Belmont, about her magic. Cassie, though, turned her back on her friend, fearing what the magic meant (to be fair, as a vampire hunter-in-training, Cassandra knew all to well the evils that could lurk in the hearts of the magically empowered).

Shunned by her one true friend and fearful of what would happen if her secret were ever divulged (by Cassie or a nosy neighbor that somehow knew too much), Jennifer went on the road, running from the dangers in her home town, ever on the lookout for a place she could call a safe haven.

And on the road she'd still be if not for a hero from the future...

Personality Details:

Although Jennifer knows all too well that townsfolk are fearful of the magically inclined, she doesn't feel much anger towards strangers. People are people and as long as she keeps a lid on her magic when others are around, she knows she be safe.

And she really does know it. Like, deep down. One of the special powers Jennifer developed over time was a kind of predetermination -- she can see the future, especially when it comes to dangers actively affecting her. Although most of her visions (when they happen at all) are foggy and vague, she will sometimes get pure sights that can rattle her brain, warning her of things to do or places to go.

Of course she acts on these visions. To do anything less would be to tempt fate. She wouldn't want to lose these visions by not taking them to heart. And, what happens if she elects not to follow her predetermined path and her visions go down one version of the future while she goes down another. That would be scary and strange.

No, Jennifer uses her powers (her magic and her sight) to keep herself safe and to fight whatever dangers may be lurking out in the world -- evil knows many forms, and Jennifer will be there to fight it.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #1611: Chance Encounter
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV