#102: A Religious Experience

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Stupidity should so totally be a deadly sin. They should make a rally nasty circle of Hell for that one. Damn stupid people.
Now, this comic is a tad bit of a milestone. It marks the first real time Mab and I blended the sprite panels with her drawn panels into one cohesive comic. Before, as you will have noticed, it's either drawn or sprite (or with one Dracula comic, all sprite and then a random drawn panel at the end).
There's two reasons why we did this. First, Mab wasn't going to be able to draw the entire comic. Time restraints as always. It seemed like a decent idea just to combine our two styles and make something unified... And it seems to have worked. Quite a few people liked this particular comic.
The second reason is that I really wanted this comic to get done, and with Mab not having the time, we had to find a way to get it to work. This is one of those "gags" that was planned from the beginning. The only major change here, though, was that for whatever reason Mab made the woman, Damaris, an angel and not his God.
This actually had some ramifications later on. It did help to establish the angels as hussies gag, which we were gonna do anyway, but it works better this way, in my opinion. But, it also meant that Damaris (who is my wife) wasn't a God anymore. There was supposed to be this thing where Alec's God was a different god from the Creator of the comic (Me), and we'd have this amuing top panel series of jokes for a bit... but that didn't happen.
I really don't know why Mab made her an archangel. Ah well.

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