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Cassandra Belmont



As the only daughter of the eldest son of the current (for the time) generation of Belmonts, it was only natural that Cassandra inherit the Belmont whip, the Vampire Killer. The legendary weapon was passed down from father to son throughout the eras, so despite Cassandra lacking a specific part inherent to that history (a penis), one could have assumed that as a capable fighter, Cassie would still inherit the whip.

That's why is was so galling when her father gave the whip to her older brother instead of handing it off to Cassandra. She was a proper Belmont daughter, better skilled than her brother at fighting vampires, and by all logic next in line for the Vampire Killer. That whip should be hers.

So she stole it and ran off into the night.

Sure, maybe that wasn't the best way to handle the situation. Maybe she should have talked it through with her best friend, Jennifer Baldwin, and maybe found some other way to properly inherit the whip. Or maybe she could have let her uncle have the whip and Cassie could have become some other kind of heroine -- there are plenty of jobs for women in the heroing field, from sorceress to white mage.

But hey, the deed was done. All that was left was for her to go find a vampire to kill and just accept her role as the illegitimate Belmont successor. She had the blood, so it's not like the whip was likely to kill her, right?


Personality Details:

While Cassandra may have had to steal the famed Belmont whip, she still considers herself the rightful heir to the legacy. Her job, as a Belmont, is to find vampires and kill them and she takes that job very seriously -- she's been training or years for the day when she would one day inherit the whip.

So the fact that she's never actually fought a vampire before is completely irrelevant as far as she's concerned. Knowing how to fight vampires is exactly like fighting them in much the same way that a pilot takes a bunch of simulated test flights before flying for real (or that would be her logic if she knew what aeronautics were and had an inkling of what the future would hold).

All she has to do is go find a vampire-infested castle and do her job. Everything should come naturally from there.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #1583: Lasting Effects
Last Appearance: #7: CVRPG IV