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Carmilla Karnstein


Born to the noble Karnstein family, Carmilla was the last surviving heir to the barony. She ended up being the last surviving heir, as she and the rest of her family were all vampires, and she happened to be the only one to survive an attack by vampire hunters.

Just goes to show you that a little planning and a good emergency evacuation plan is always a wise idea, even for the practically immortal.

Since her time of ascension to the title of Countess, Carmilla has had to fight off politicians ("females shouldn't control their own land," of course), vampire hunters, and the occasional amorous suitor (Carmilla just doesn't swing your way, boys). She is a powerful force in the Romanian countryside, and should not be taken lightly if ever confronted.

Personality Details:

Unlike some vampires who decide to "go gay" whenever it suits them, Carmilla isn't even a little confused over her sexuality -- girls are totally where it's at. She's as likely as any horny male to be distracted by a healthy bust and nice set of legs. And, unlike any vampire, she knows full well that the inner thigh and around the bust are two good places to feed if you want to avoid being "too obvious".

Carmilla can turn into a cat at will. Other vampires may think wolves and bats are so special, but girls like kitty cats. Carmilla knows her intended targets.

Carmilla has a magical mask she can use in attack. When summoned, the mask can appear either as a small ballroom mask, or as a giant mask that Carmilla can ride around on. The mask will drip venomous, bloody tears.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #5: The Villainesses
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past