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The Dark Sorceress


Dracula draws many to him. His power is immense, and those of evil nature come to him like a moth to a flame. It's nature, of a very dark and evil kind. Thus was Actrise similarly drawn in by Dracula's promise and power.

For her part Actrise was no lovely person before Dracula sucked her in. A dark sorceress by profession, Actrise had a predilection for torturing small children (everyone needs a hobby). As her lust for power, and cravings for death, grew, Actrise eventually sacrificed her own child among 100 others, gaining the attention of Dracula. He brought her to his castle, made her one of his lieutenants, and put the sorceress in charge of ensuring his (eventually needed) resurrection.

Of course, Dracula did eventually die, and Actrise was able to bring him back from the dead, so plainly she proved herself quite useful to the cause.

Personality Details:

Actrise is not a nice person. She's evil, through and through. She kicks pupies, fails to rewind her tapes before returning them to rental stores (Castlevania is about 80 years behind everyone else, so they still have Blockbuster Video stores), and pirates all her favorite music. She's among the worst of the worst.

Of course, like all of Dracula's minions, she, too, was one day defeated by heroes. But, like all his minions, she also came back, undead and stronger than before. So she works, like always to ensure Dracula's resurrection (as well as her own).

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #5: The Villainesses
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past