#7: Make Mine a Kaluha

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Commentary by Damaris
Golden Sun has really, really pretty backgrounds. I do think my favorite so far has been the scary forest, although the rainy village is a close second. I've been nagged at to move them around, but quite honestly, I don't envision this story taking very long, so it makes sense in my head for them to stay where they are.
In case you hadn't noticed, I really like keeping people guessing. Just call me M. Night Shyamalan. Personally, it's become a running thing to try and give god as many reasons as possible to kick Angel out of heaven.
This particular comic was hard to pull together. The funny was just not turning on, and I was on a severe deadline. With about ten minutes to go, and with a creator sitting over my shoulder nitpicking, God suddenly developed no balls. Vodka, it turns out, is a great comic catalyst.
Design notes you might find interesting: Sindra's arm out pose was originally intended for spell casting. I thought it looked very menacing. Angel's sexpot is from Chrono Trigger, with Damaris' wings.

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