#6: Infamy is in the Eye of the Beholder

This Comic's Cast:

Here we switch over to Damaris as the author. She was good enough to write comments for the first few strips, so we'll switch over to her for now:
This was the first comic that I did after taking over the storyline. Mike and I had discussed several aspects of Angel's character that we wanted to establish, and thought that Sindra's hiatus would give us ample time to do his back story.
Right off the bat, we ran into issues. We had no idea what background Sindra had used in the previous comic, so a fast change in location was in order. Thankfully, tequila gave me a really good excuse. Being, well, completely new to the wonders of sprite comics, I of course made Angel completely ADHD. *had to play with all the pretty poses* Plus, I have trouble standing still in real life, so letting the characters freeze in time and space really felt weird.
The Hitler comment, really, was spawned from a discussion I was having with a friend earlier in the day. We had been discussing World War 2, and goodness knows every comic needs a good Hitler punchline.
By the way, Mike never helps me at all. *takes all the credit for herself*

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