#8: Shiny

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Commentary by Damaris
If you look closely, the desks you see in the office are the same desks you find in hell in comic #171 (in the Main Archive). I thought this would be a nice bit of duplicity. The song Angel is singing is more popularly known as the "I ain't got nobody" song. It took three days of brainstorming to come up with that one, I'm sad to say.
Just before I wrote this comic, we went to see Serenity, a movie based of off Joss Whedon's show Firefly. Completely obsessed fan that I am, I couldn't resist making the "atmo" comment. I'm currently in a 12 step program for my addiction. Ironically, we have been watching entirely too much television lately, mostly because our cable company's introductory package kicks wicked ass. We're definitely not looking forward to scaling back in December.
We already know from previous comics that angels are pretty darn horny, and I was surprised that Angel was so vehemently against delivering a message to a guy. He always seemed more enlightened then that. Sorry Wilbur. In this world you get no love.

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