#3041: The Better Captain

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I won't pretend I'm a military person. As I've noted before, my experience with the military is limited to movies and TV shows, and mostly Star Trek. I have been reading a bit of military fiction, though, and one of the things some of the better commanders do in those books is to travel the ship regularly, make their presence known, and assure the crew that everything is going to plan (no matter how far off the rails everything actually is). A calm, steady crew that sees their commander functions better.

Of course, most of the time Darkmoon is walking the ship, talking to people, it's probably so he can get directions back to the bridge.

Bonus Comic

Wow, we've had a few "deleted scenes" lately. This one definitely didn't fit into the flow of this comic leading into the next one, but I had this stupid bit of dialogue come up in my head and I wanted to make it happen. I swear, when I named the system Hephaestus, I totally, wasn't thinking of the fact that his Roman name was Vulcan. But once it came time to name a planet, I remembered it, and that was all it took.

Those who are fans of astronomy may remember that it was theorized there was a planet within the orbit of Mercury. That planet was called Vulcan back when it was suggested it existed but, alas, it never did. Of course, that's surely the reason why the name Vulcan was used for the fictional planet in Star Trek.

Although I'm sure two planets can't have the same name for real, if any were going to, I'm sure Vulcan would be one of those names we used again and again. And every time the person would think they were being just so clever. Which they weren't.

Damn it, I think I just dissed myself.


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