#2425: Sail Away, Sail Away...

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You will be forgiven if you forgot that Darkmoon had an airship (thus why we're going over it right now). He got it back in the Bunny Tales series, and then it only really was used once more in Game III. After that, I engineered Game IV to prevent the heroes from using all their cool powers and treasures and stuff -- couldn't let it be too easy.

So yeah, it's been years since this ship has shown up. Katrina isn't the only one likely to forget Darkmoon owns a ship. Angel forgetting, though, is just because he's stupid.

Originally I was going to have Angel ask about the ship's name, but he's going to have more than enough dialogue coming up, so I shifted it to Golem. More sarcastic this way.
2015-06-05 01:18:08 
Isn't this what taverns are for?
2015-06-05 04:26:52 
This is a good point as any to say that I hope you're happy, because 'The Lusty X' is forever entrenched in my mind as to how you named taverns.
2015-06-05 08:00:10 
No, it plays a lot better with Golem asking about the name of the ship.
Mike Finkelstein
2015-06-05 11:08:07 
You know what? I am proud.
Darth Cariss
2015-06-06 19:58:40 
Man, I'm really digging this artstyle and new storyline. The comic seems way more interesting to me now than it has been in years. Especially since the whole band storyline we just had didn't really do it for me. Keep up the good work!
Mike Finkelstein
2015-06-06 19:59:37 
I get that. But for those that really liked the Band storyline, I had to give them a decent send-off (if I never get back to them).
Darth Cariss
2015-06-07 03:02:26 
Understandable. Tying up loose ends is always a good idea.
2017-01-30 19:40:30 
The tavern that caused you nothing but trouble your entire adult life? What's your point? LOL

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