#3039: A Moment with the Villains

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I figured it was high time we spent at least a scene with the villains of this piece. As much as we were setting up Dracula to be the villain at the start, this story is clearly all about the Mirror villains. So we need to give them their due.

The designs for Evil Katrina and Isbella (who we'll see in the next comic) are a lot like their designs from CVRPG 2499 (in the few moments we saw them). I didn't feel as great a need to redesign their costumes since we hadn't had a lot of time to get bored of their previous costumes (maybe that was just me).

2018-05-17 01:23:59 
Interesting that Isabella chooses to stay in her bat form. Does it consume fewer resources and prevent the need for a human crew to feed off? Or does Isabella, as both evil and a commoner that she is, just would prefer not to feed from people?
2018-05-17 01:26:55 
Never mind. I just went back to comic 2986. The bat-form preference must be the former -- practicality.
2018-05-19 10:04:39 
Honestly, I just figured "she's a vampire, she's gonna feel like every shape she can take is natural." Since she hasn't lost and earned her forms, they all feel perfectly normal to her and, as she noted about mist form, they must each have their own affects on her feelings and moods. ;)

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