#218: Bickering

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Let it never be said that Angel is not smart. He puts things together pretty quickly... certainly faster than Darkmoon on a good day.
It does raise a question, though. Would Angel actually be stuck on Earth for Judgment Day? As a plains-walker, couldn't he, theoretically, just jump from Earth to Earth until he found a planet that survives intact?
Unless it's a multiverse wide cataclysm. Hrmmm, that's a good story there...
2014-11-03 19:50:49 
I just hope that Angel remembers to take a Babel Fish along.
2015-02-21 03:13:02 
Hmm... Tempting kittens to the dark side? Didn't shaft /just/ try to do that?
2015-10-13 07:49:48 
angel and his holier than thou attitude every time he finds Sindra is annoying me, sure, she killed his "not quite-waif" but that didn't changed the fact that he is an ass... i'm not sure i could punch an angel, but if it is this angel i'm willing to try (I'm not the kind of woman who slaps... I'm the kind that punches strongly enough to make people fall to the ground)

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