#162: A Matter of Courtesy

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One of the many things I will not discuss in too much dteail are many portions of Angel's past. I willing to detail the reasons why he got kicked out of heaven and why he's with the crew, but I think a little mystery carries the character a lot more than explaining everything would.
Plus, I tend to like having one "Character of plot-convenience." Realizing, of course, that Bunny is another one, but with the group being as big as it is, sometimes I have to split them up, and two of these style of characters comes in handy.
The portal, obviously, is from Chrono Trigger. The command word Angel says is the word Billy Batson says when he changes into Captain Marvel (DC Comics, Capt. Marvel, although the comic series is actually called Shazam or the like due to copyright issues).
I'm actually not that big a comic geek. I just like knowing history and trivia... and reading some of the books... okay, I am that big a geek...

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