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Trevor Belmont


A Belmont who faces off against Dracula becomes famous. We're all heard the tales of Simon and Richter (hell, in this comic we keep hearing about them). Even Trevor gained a name for himself and he really only fought against Dracula one time (at least that he can remember). But how does a Belmont live up to that fame, that renown, before he's even gone up against the Dark Prince even once?

For Trevor he didn't really have to think about it much. Although the people of Romania begged for him to come and defeat Dracula, showering fame and fortune at his feet, Trevor still remembers how they'd chased his mother (Sonia) out of town for being a powerful vampire hunter. He was just a babe then (one of questionable parentage) and although he didn't see their actions first hand, he did hear the stories from his mother, over and again.

Despite all this, then, it's amazing Trevor was willing to help at all. And yet he was, and happily (well, as happy as anyone that has to face off against the forces of darkness). Of course he was unsure of himself, and of course he had to learn as he was going along (you only ever fight the Master Vampire for the first time once), but Trevor figured out what he was doing. He figured it out on the fly, mastered that whip, and took out the evil vampire lord.

Or did he. DSWC's timeline is murky and it's hard to know who has done what, and when, and how, and things can shift and change at a moment's notice. What once seemed like a safe universe can get rebooted in an instant, so only time will tell if Dracula is ever truly defeated again.

Personality Details:

Although the stories of Trevor Belmont are varied (he's a mast vampire hunter, he's dark and brooding, he's experienced and knows how to please a woman), the Trevor we meet in the series is young and brash, still figuring out his place in the universe (especially a universe that's constantly shifting and changing). It'll take him time to get his feet and learn about the man he's destined to become.

Still, this is DSWC. Even if Trevor dies along the way, it's not like anyone ever really stays dead in this world, right?

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #4: The Lineage
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2