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High Priestess of Ra


Centuries ago (many, many centuries ago), in the ancient land of Egypt, there was a Pharaoh (what they called kings because the word "king" hadn't been invented yet). He was called Akmodan (although history remembers him as Akmodan I, but as he was the first the "one" was applied to his title after the fact). He also died, which is sad for the guy. Death happens to us all, and for Akmodan it happened in the Nile river, after one too many pints of beer, a hastily organized royal skinny dip session, and a crocodile. We'll let you piece together the order of events.

As it was, with Akmodan dead, the throne was left open for Akmodan's heir, the hastily named Akmodan II (bearing in mind that oftentimes kings would choose their "official" name upon taking the throne). There was only one small issue: Akmodan II was a small boy, hardly old enough to tie his sandals (they need tying, right?), let alone rule a country. Obviously a regent would be needed. To aid her younger brother, the teenaged daughter of Akmodan I, Thereshiri, assumed control of the realm until her brother was old enough to rule on his own.

Well, the uproar from this action could be heard across the Mediterranean. This wasn't 1479 BC (the start of the reign of Hatshepsut, fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty, and one of the most successful female Pharaohs). These were older times, when things were done properly and women did not rule Egypt. Obviously, this upstart girl had to be dealt with.

For a young girl that was only trying to help out her baby brother, her end was rather unjust: accusations of treason, a sham trial, conviction and death. Thankfully for Thereshiri, her younger brother threw a tantrum and had her mummified. Sure, she was still dead, but her place in the afterlife was assured.

Or, you know, she would have been ushered into the afterlife if it wasn't for the pesky magic of Dracula's Castle. Somehow her corpsified body ended up in Dracula's realm, and the dark magics resurrected Thereshiri as an animated mummy. But that wasn't the end of the changes in store for the mummy-girl. After a century or so of being a brain-munching undead fiend, more magics were unleashed and Thereshiri was granted a second life as a human. After more than two thousand years, Thereshiri was a living, breathing girl again.

The heck was she supposed to do now?

Personality Details:

Despite all that she went through during her prolonged lifespan (betrayal, death, undeath, relife), Thereshiri has a surprisingly upbeat attitude. For her, this second chance as a human is really a second chance for everything -- a chance to right whatever wrongs she did in the past, to make the future a better place.

And she does have a few sins to make up for. As an undead mummy she ate her fair share of people, and that can weigh down on a newly reinstated soul. There are people she's harmed (directly and indirectly) that she has to repay, a balance that needs to be restored to ensure her next chance at the afterlife goes better than the last one.

As such, Thereshiri has taken on the mantle of the last High Priestess of Amen Ra (and, to be fair, as the only person to still believe in the God, Thereshiri has a lock on the job) and has been using her position and power to act as a light in the dark realm of Romania. Now, if only she'd stop hanging out with those Belmont boys...

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #81: Powerful Magics
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2