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The Sparkles

FIfth-Dimensional Aliens


The Sparkles are an ancient race, so old that they predate this universe. Of course, as beings that exist from outside this reality, time doesn't hold the same meaning for them as it does for our normal, three dimension meat sacks. They have a different perception of reality, a different view of science, technology, civilization, religion, and everything else humans would consider "reality".

The Sparkles (not their real name, but their language is basically unspeakable for beings of our reality) weren't meant to be in our world, mind you. They came in through a dimensional accident and have spent the last five hundred thousand years looking for a way to get back home. In the meantime they've built a small, but powerful, version of their home on a world out in the distant reaches of the Terran League, awaiting a time when they can return to their own reality.

Personality Details:

The Sparkles have tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid influencing our reality. Various other races have found their temporary home world and tried (to poor results) to conquer the glittering creatures. They even share a solar system with a hostile other race, the Typhons (a race that may have come into existence via sheer proximity to the Sparkle world) and continue to try and avoid conflict that could alter the solar system, let alone the progress of the entire universe.

When they finally can return home they plan to take their technology with them to wipe away all evidence of their existence, removing all knowledge of the Sparkles from our reality altogether.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #3809: Glittery
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2